An experience of why we love our calling as therapy dog handlers.

I want to share an experience Quest and I had yesterday. My wife, Marie, and I took Quest to tractor supply to give him a bath. Upon entering the store a lady and her son approached us almost immediately. As they grew closer I noticed her adult son’s was wearing a hearing aid, and learned he has down syndrome. He was so excited. He had a computer tablet with him and started to take pictures of Quest. His mother asked me if it was okay to take pictures plus can he please pet him. Of course, I said yes. I cannot express the pure joy her son showed. When he was done. I asked Marie to walk Quest back to the dog wash as I had to go to the car to get her son a Quest trading card. When I gave him the card he started speaking to me in sign language. I did not understand all of what he signed except for the end. It was the biggest thumb’s up and smile he could ever give. He showed just pure joy which I completely understood.

His mom was so thankful. My point to all this, isn’t it amazing how our dogs have a positive impact to all they meet? They are able to touch people in ways we cannot completely understand. I feel we are all blessed to have the dogs we have. We are blessed to be able to be part of Kindly Canines and Alliance of Therapy Dogs. If it were not for Kindly Canines, I would not have a trading card to give. Quest has also learned how to behave by watching the other therapy dogs. You see, his mom felt blessed for Quest letting her son meet and interact with him. In reality, it was Marie and I who were blessed even more by both of them showing such love and joy. Kindly Canines gives all of us a chance to meet many different people, all whom really are encouraged when we visit them. As they say, there are things money cannot buy. Thanks again for allowing Quest and I to be a part .Have a nice evening. 


Brian/ Quest 


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