We all love our furry friends, they’re part of the family! This page will give you helpful hints and tips on keeping your dog happy and healthy. Plus a few added goodies just because
We Love Our Dogs!

KEEP Pets COOL this Summer.

Prevention Magazine offers the following timely advice on keeping your dog safe and healthy during the summer heat.  Try to limit outdoor exercise to the cooler mornings and evenings.  Keep walks short and sweet and have water handy while you’re out. 

Watch for warning signs

If your dog slows down, seeks shade or pants excessively, he might be getting overheated.  Bright red gums and excessive drooling are also concerning. As overheating progresses to heat stroke, your pet might vomit, appear weak, or even faint. If that happens he may need medical intervention to lower his body temperature, so get to the vet immediately.

(Paraphrased from Prevention Magazine Aug. 2020)

Corn season is here … DO NOT let your dog eat a corn cob! 

Sure they may love to chew them and enjoy the corn & butter but it can be a deadly mistake you and the children should not allow it.  Intestinal perforation and or blockage is the most likely result.

Recognizing potential signs of an obstruction is key to your dog’s survival. “Dogs with an intestinal obstruction will often vomit food and/or just fluid, and may show signs of abdominal pain or lethargy,” 

Overall, if you have any suspicion that your dog ate a corn cob recently, the first thing to do is call the vet. A lodged corn cob can lead to perforation of the intestines and internal bleeding. Calling the vet is vital to your dog’s health and, even, survival.

Getting your dog’s license https://www.padoglicense.com/index.html 

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