Avalanche Ettinger & Heather Join Kindly Canines

Hi my name is Heather Ettinger, I am going on two years being a therapy dog handler of a Great Pyrenees.  This is an absolute blessing to be able to do this and have a dog that enjoys this also. 

When I first decided to do this, Avalanche was a foster dog in our home.  We fell in love with him and realized that he would make a great therapy dog to bring joy to others.  Avalanche became a foster failure and member of our family.  Right away, I put him into the AKC STAR puppy program, from their he went to the Canine Good Citizen program and finally the therapy program through ATD.  Avalanche was a star, and soared through each class he attended.  He wanted nothing more than to please those around him. 
Being a therapy dog handler has brought such joy to him and myself.  He will sit and stare people down to get them to come and visit with him or to pet him where ever we are.  He brings such big smiles to those that meet him, and it makes my heart so happy.  Having a therapy dog opens people up to talk about things in their lives, that they might not usually share.  When Avalanche sees a little person, he shines even more.  His big white tail will starts to wage as he waits for them to come and see him.  If doing these things is ever something you considered, please give it a try.  You can change a persons day, with a smile and a four legged friend.  I can’t wait until things open up even more, and we can get out there and share happiness with those that need it. 

New Member Joins Kindly Canines

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