Avalanche & Harper are ready to greet Customers and future Kindly Canines volunteers.

On Saturday, December 12th, four KC members and their therapists visited the PetSmart store on Norland Ave. Many thanks to Larry/Harper, Heather/Avalanche, Joanne/Gabby and John/Xia. While COVID keeps us from our normal visits the meet and greet at PetSmart allows our dogs to have some human interaction while serving the dual purpose of getting the word out in the community of who and what Kindly Canines is all about.

Brian Eury, Manger of PetSmart commented on how good our meet and greets were for the store and how customers appreciated the opportunity to learn about therapy dogs and KC. He is very supportive and is happy to have our visits.

During this past visit we had two individuals who were sincerely interested in joining our organization. One in particular is a neighbor of Joanne’s and lives right down the street with her Golden, Harbor. Harbor is only 10 months old but already is showing signs of a sweet lovable therapist.

What inspires me is how surprised people are of the different breeds our therapy dogs are. We have our beautiful white Pyrs, Gabby and Avalanche, to our sophisticated standard poodle, Harper to our lovable little Corgi, Xia!

If you’re interested in being part of this wonderful group please click on Join Us!

PetsMart December visit a Hit!

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